RFID Testcenter at Danish Technological Institute

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

RFID, physical tests within supply chains, compliance tests for documentation of performance within supply chains

RFID pilot studies, analyses and product labelling of pallets, boxes and single products

RFID feasibility studies, studies related to the company's future utilisation of RFID

RFID cost/benefits

RFID solutions for facilities management

Implementation of RFID into the company's supply chain

Training of the company's...

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From: David Sossna

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Brady: Full RFID Solution

Brady: The RFID Integrated Label Solution


When it comes to the complex global supply chain of the aerospace industry, you need RFID integrated labels you can rely on. Labels that give you improved visibility, accuracy and traceability across your suppliers, manufacturers and repair organizations.

This video shows you just what Brady’s ultra-light-weight, flexible, and durable RFID integrated label tags have to offer.


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From: Brady North America

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Short Takes: Supply Chain Solutions | University of Arkansas

Students at the Center for Retail Supply Chain Innovation are helping Fortune 500 companies solve supply chain issues while gaining invaluable business experience in the process. Learn more in this Arkansas Short Takes video.




For more about the University of Arkansas, visit:


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From: University of Arkansas

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Internet Marketing Chapter 2: The Internet Value Chain

Chapter 2

The Internet Value Chain

Learning Objectives:

By the time students complete this chapter they should be able to:

Distinguish between the following concepts: supply chain, value chain, and virtual value chain.

Explain lean processes and greening the supply chain.

List the business processes that are necessary to manage the supply chain.

Identify the desired outcomes of an efficiently functioning supply chain.

Identify the core marketing processes.

Discuss the concept that...

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From: Carlos Garcia-Ruiz

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GS1 (Norway) - Retail supply chain management and last mile distribution

This video demonstrates how RFID and barcodes are being used for supply chain management and last mile distribution in Oslo, Norway, as part of the Straightsol project (www.straightsol.eu).

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From: straightsol

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Zebra: Employing RFID in Your Retail Supply Chain

Join Zebra Industry Development Manager McLeod Williamson as he shares how RFID can deliver better visibility to your retail supply chain. To learn more about RFID visit our website: https://goo.gl/3926XL.

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From: Zebra Technologies

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Warehouse solution with RFID & barcode handheld devices

Today supply chain, logistics & warehouse companies rely heavily upon warehouse management solution. RFID & barcode are the part of this solution. We are the renowned manufacturer of handheld devices in India. This video is about our product introduction & the solution which we provide to your clients across the world.

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From: Chainway India

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RFID Improves Business Processes in the Supply Chain and Retail Store

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Lec 11 Special Topics in Supply Chain Management

Course Description :

Introduction - R and D Opportunities and the Future of RFID Research - The Internet of Things: A Quantum Leap Forward - R and D Opportunities and the Future of RFID Tags - R and D Opportunities and the Future of RFID Frequencies - Anti-Counterfeit Research / Time and Temperature Pedigree - Aero-Astro Technology and Research - Active RFID Standardization Pathway - Automotive Manufacturing Research Roadmap for RFID - Healthcare and Life Sciences Requirements for RFID -...

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RFID Supply Chain Efficiency

Tom Beusch with Miles Technologies discusses improving your supply chain by using RFID technology.

For more information, visit: http://www.milestechinc.com

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