RFID in the Supply Chain Mechanical Engineering

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RFID - future impact on retail, logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing - keynote speaker

http://www.globalchange.com Practical challenges in delivering wireless barcode revolution with water, metal challenges (RFID radio frequency identification devices). Controlling global supply chains at the speed of light. Impact of RFID on retail and wholesale stock taking. Conference keynote lecture by Patrick Dixon, for Red Prairie, audience of logistics and supply chain executives.

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From: Patrick Dixon Futurist Keynote Speaker for Industry Conference

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IOM 482: Supply Chain Management - Professor Murat Bayiz

Professor Murat Bayiz

This course teaches key concepts and tools for effective and efficient supply chain management and coordination. We will cover several recent influential innovations such as RFID, VMI, revenue management as well as classic supply chain topics such as global supply chain design, Bullwhip effect, outsourcing, logistics, etc. The class format includes lectures, case discussions, guest speakers, and video clips. The content covers both quantitative and qualitative materials.

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OMG! RFID implants for Supply Chain Staff?

www.productiveminds.com.au Would you want an RFID implant as a logistics or supply chain professional?

What would be the the benefits?

Who's using this technology in the business community?

Productive Minds works with Supply Chain companies to skill up their Managers and Supervisors in people skills, leadership training and development.

Learn how to lead and motivate your employees!

Decrease Absenteeism, WorkCover claims and increase Productivity.

Contact us at www.productiveminds.com.au

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RFID in logistics

RFID enabled end-to-end supply chain solution.

To cope with the fast moving markets of apparel manufacturing, and in the effort of maximising retail sales, the manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers all need to efficiently automate their global business processes. Together Tyco ADT, Salpomec, UPM Raflatac and RDN have formed a fast and automated solution, the RFID Apparel Supply Chain and In-store inventory management.

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JADAK introduces EPC, RFID in Healthcare Supply Chain Management

http://tinyurl.com/nejclf6 Click the link and save 10% when you buy from Iremedy Supply.

A brief introduction and explanation to EPC (Electronic Product Code) using RFID and their impact on healthcare supply chain Management.

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RFID Tracking Solution

Learn more about RFID technology for a tracking solution and the value it brings. This video is a 30-second synopsis about Tracking Innovations next generation RFID solutions. It touches on how Tracking Innovations Real Time Tracking System (RTTS) uses RFID to improve supply chain visibility, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and act as the ultimate RFID supply chain management solution. It is the ultimate tracking solution.

Learn more about Tracking Innovations RFID Tracking Solution:...

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VisiblEdge RFID enabled forklift @ RFID Journal LIVE 2011

Toby Rush discusses the power of RFID in the supply chain and demonstrates an RFID enabled lift truck solution, VisiblEdge, in the Manufacturing and Warehousing environments.

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Using Information Technology to Revolutionize Your Supply Chain

How has IT revolutionized supply chain? 1. Digital workflow reduces data entry and sends information to users in need. 2. Internet order improves the visibility of inventory and customer demand. 3. ERP systems globalized information and product flow. 4. E-marketplaces help find new supply sources. 5. Internet auction allows supplier-competition to help get best price. 6. RFID creates visibility in supply chain. 7. With e-network, suppliers earn more of renewing than those not connected.

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Real Time Supply Chain Visibility

The need for supply chain visibility is continually growing. Tracking Innovations RFID supply chain management solution gives you the tools you need to boost supply chain visibility and gain control of shipments traveling through complex supply chains. Tracking Innovations RFID supply chain solution tracks the flow of assets providing supply chain visibility from departure to destination. Supply chain visibility is critical in the economy today.

Learn more about Tracking Innovations real...

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