Long Range RFID Attendance Gate Reader for School

Walk Through Long Range RFID Attendance Gate Reader for schools. Live working in school. Mount Litera Zee School

RFID based attendance system for school. Wireless RFID gate for school attendance

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From: School Pixa

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Wireless Walk-In RFID Reader for Attendance

It a wireless (Gprs/wi-if/LAN) based Rfid attendance system, the device pushes the attendance record direct to your cloud/web server.

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From: Silicon Wireless Systems

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1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader

1128 is a high performance Bluetooth, wireless enabled UHF RFID reader. It has a R2000 core and range of interchangeable high performance antennas for high performance

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From: Barcodes.com.au

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RFID & GPRS [Part 2]

This RFID Reader comes with GPRS for transferring the data to the server wireless. For more details, please visit DAILY RFID (www.rfid-in-china.com) or email us at rfid_sales02@vip.163.com.

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From: Betty DAILY RFID

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NXP demonstrates UCODE I2C Interactive RFID with a Bidirectional Wireless Bridge for Electronics

NXP demonstrates bidirectional Interactive Gen2 RFID for Electronics and sensors using the new UCODE I2C at RFID Journal Live! 2011.

See how RFID is used to enable, provision and configure electronic devices through a wireless bridge between a wireless reader an a microprocessor or sensor using the new UCODE I2C via a standard I2C serial interface.

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From: NXP Semiconductors

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Access Control with RFID Project by Skyfi Labs

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is used for exchanging information wirelessly with the use of electronagnetic fields. RFID devices are a pretty common sight nowadays at offices, malls, toll gates, etc. These RFID devices are used along with RFID readers to capture information and process them accordingly for a specific action like opening a gate, ringing a buzzer, etc. In this project you will build a RFID based Authentication system which can open and close a gate by detecting the...

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From: roboversity

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rfid tags,rfid scanning,rfid handheld readers,wireless rfid,rfid location,future of rfid

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From: angel li

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Animatronic Iron Man helmet wireless

Wireless control test using RFID tag reader, XBee radios with Adafruit XBee adapters and arduinos. I'm using small RFID tags as inputs to control the suit animatronics.

The mechanics of this helmet have been completely changed- the arms that raise the faceplate were scrapped in the new version. See the new version here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFiWT15-hfg&list=UU5V7iutH_nnRxeuSCrVSkKg

Please note that I do not manufacture or sell Iron Man helmets or suits- I am simply installing the...

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From: DIY Animatronics

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Configuration Card Tutorial

This is a thorough video tutorial explaining the functionality of our device the TWN4 CONFIG Programmer. It is used to write RFID reader configurations on contactless cards - TWN4 CONFIG Cards.

The TWN4 CONFIG Cards are used to wireless (re)configure Elatec RFID cards readers. This helps to reduce the configuration time since a reader does not need to get disassembled or connected to a computer.


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From: Elatec RFID Systems

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walk through attendance system

http://smartchildsafety.com/ The SmartGate is a wireless RFID based automatic school attendance system offering a complete Student Attendance monitoring solution. Students carry an RFID based I-Card with them during the school day. It’s simple like normal ID Card. The card is presented to the RFID reader upon either entering or leaving the school premises. The RFID reader is located in a walk-through gate

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