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From: angel li

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RFID Reader

EM18 RFID reader used to read 125 kHz RFID card wirelessly for a very short distance. It is generally used in applications like attendance system, access management, tracking of goods etc.

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From: ElectronicWings

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Wireless RFID Card Reader

Connecting Two Micro Controllers Using Wireless RF Technology.

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From: cassanopeterpan

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Readers for UHF RFID Wireless Sensors (Part 6 of 7) Tutorial

Learn more at http://www.phaseivengr.com - the inventors of battery-free wireless RFID sensing. Readers that support UHF RFID sensors are explained in this video. These readers include Intermec (Hand Held and Desktop), Feig OBID, ThingMagic, and custom readers. All of these readers (other than the custom reader) are off the shelf and use firmware developed by the reader manufacturer to read RFID sensor tags. The tags can be battery-free passive RFID sensors, Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP)...

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From: PhaseIVEngineering

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Introduction of UHF 433 MHz Active RFID Network Reader/Receiver (214015)

GAO RFID's UHF 433 MHz Active RFID Network Reader/Receiver provides all networking needs in a compact device which can be configured to serve as a Wi-Fi reader, an externally powered LAN reader or a LAN PoE reader. The wireless reader detects and decodes RF signals from compatible Wavetrend RFID tags. The network reader offers two operating modes: Autopoll or Store Poll modes. It supports built in business rules to override the Store Poll settings and allows users to set alarms such as tag...

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From: GAO RFID Inc.

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Wireless Walk-In RFID Reader for Attendance

It a wireless (Gprs/wi-if/LAN) based Rfid attendance system, the device pushes the attendance record direct to your cloud/web server.

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From: Silicon Wireless Systems

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1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader

1128 is a high performance Bluetooth, wireless enabled UHF RFID reader. It has a R2000 core and range of interchangeable high performance antennas for high performance

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From: Barcodes.com.au

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RFID Interactive Display.wmv

Wireless RFID Reader Application - User could define different group base on the RFID card that uses. With different RFID card scanned. It will show different message base on the user's define.

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From: Chian Ho Lim

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RfID through Wireless Zigbee

RfID reader implementation using PIC18F2550 connected to Host terminal through Wireles (PAN) "Personal Area Network" Using Digi Zigbee Wireless modules configured as Router and Coordinator!!!

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From: Ryan Leis

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From: angel li

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