1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader

1128 is a high performance Bluetooth, wireless enabled UHF RFID reader. It has a R2000 core and range of interchangeable high performance antennas for high performance

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HUR 120 BT is designed to read and write to EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO18000-6C) UHF transponders and communicate with a variety of host devices via Bluetooth® wireless technology. With this reader you can work for more than 3 days straight without the need to charge it. All this is possible thanks to a unique UHF RFID mURM module. The HUR 120 BT is great solution for short range applications.

The reader is compatible with Windows XP/7,8,10, Android, iPhone and...

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Battery-Free Long-Range Read Demonstration (2 of 7) Passive RFID Wireless Sensor

Visit our website at http://www.phaseivengr.com - the inventors of battery-free wireless RFID sensing. The latest in long-range, battery-free (passive) UHF EPC RFID sensors are demonstrated at over 15 feet using standard off-the-shelf (COTS) readers. Phase IV Engineering demonstrates their expertise with battery-free wireless sensors and the new long read ranges that are possible.

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STid SolarGuard DEMO

The SolarGuard® is a fully wireless RFID terminal: GSM/GPRS communication, solar panel with storage battery, high speed and adjustable sensor, UR1 UHF RFID reader (autonomous reading system). The SolarGuard® is designed for high reading speed applications (up to 300 km/h) and harsh environments (inwet or corrosive environments, severe temperature fluctuations.

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Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet with Pocket Sized GEN2 UHF RFID Reader

In this video we're going to demonstrate using an Android Tablet running Android 2.2 with a Blueberry Bluetooth (SPP Serial Port Profile) UHF (GEN2) RFID reader to scan grocery items and look them up using the List-in-Hand Mobile List application.

This is a Dell Streak 7 and this is a Blueberry bluetooth GEN2 (UHF ) RFID reader. We'll turn on the Bluetooth reader, then we'll use the Menu Connect in the Mobile List application.

The scanner shows in the Bluetooth devices list since we've...

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X1 Wireless Battery-Free Switch Monitor

X1 Wireless and Battery - Free Switch monitor from Farsens can detect the switch status (ON/OFF) without the need of batteries, using EPC C1G2 UHF RFID Readers.

In this case a NORDIC MORPHIC Handheld Reader is used.

Music by Broke For Free

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E-Tyre Manager (Tyre Management with RFID)

e-Tyre Manager uses the tyre tread and pressure probe together with the UHF Handheld RFID reader and RFID tyre tag to deliver the most advanced tyre maintenance system. The system provides a paperless, error free and efficient data capturing environment by incorporating the advanced wireless technologies like Bluetooth and WIFI connection.

A system which allows fleet owners to track and monitor their fleet tyres condition effortlessly.

For more info, please visit http://www.fecinc.com.my

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Motorola Xoom Android and GEN2 RFID Tire Tag Data Capture

This video shows the Motorola Xoom Android 10.1-inch Tablet and a Bluetooth UHF-GEN2 RFID reader that can read tire (and tyre for those in the UK) RFID tags and post the tire tag data to any Android app via the Bluetooth connection.

Turn on the Bluetooth radio, we launch the Mobile Grid app on the Android Tablet, use the Menu Connect option to select the reader; RFID scanner has been paired the reader immediately connects.

Now you go to the outside of the tire where the RFID tag is...

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Introduction of UHF 860–960 MHz Advanced Handheld RFID Data Collection Terminal (246020)

GAO RFID"s advanced handheld UHF RFID data collection terminal provides a variety of data collection methods and is able to fully meet demands for wireless data acquisition. The mobile reader features simple deployment, multi-modal data capture, multiple wireless communication methods, and a high powered platform together with rugged and reliable design.

For more information, check out the product...

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Smart Technology Group: Meet Us

Short & briefly – this is not only the summary of movie about Smart Technology Group. This is also precise characteristic of adapted work model. Its effects are astonishing. SMART RFID is the brand of highly advanced products which as first in the world make it possible to use simultaneously many wireless technologies. The flagship product of SMART RFID brand is RFID UHF reader Master 01, the most often awarded Polish RFID tool. SMART RFID brand is composed also by mobile reader Neo 01, RFID...

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