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RTLS, RFID and Asset Tracking

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking refers to tracking the movement of physical assets, which also extends to monitoring stock movements within warehouses and deliveries. This is usually done by the scanning of barcode tags attached to the assets or by using real time location systems (RTLS) and RFID...

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RFID Asset Tracking Healthcare Solution: An Overview

RFID asset tracking healthcare solution: How hospitals can utilize it at its best?

Improve medical equipment visibility: Provide better quality care  

Asset tracking technology is the new phenomena in the healthcare sector. It is being endorsed by a majority of hospitals and medical institutions because of its diverse set of features. One of the greatest troubles faced by hospitals is the...

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What Are The Types of Active RFID Tags? - Litum IoT

An RFID equipment tracking system can be very helpful in keeping an eye on your moving assets and equipment. Let's look at some different types of active RFID tags you may find useful.

"Asset Tracking" RFID Tags and "Employee Tracking" RFID Tags

These tags are larger than most passive RFID tags, but provide a read range of up to 100 feet with sub-meter location accuracy. An active RFID tag...

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EZOfficeInventory's RFID Asset Tracking Software

Getting Started with RFID Asset Tracking

To get things started, go to Settings -> Add Ons -> Handheld Scanner Integration -> RFID Reader, and click Enabled.

Of course, you need to add your RFID tag IDs to the system. You can either do this through an Excel import, or by going to any item, clicking Edit, and filling in the Identification Number field:

Scanning RFID Tags

1) Make sure your RFID...

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itemit - The simple asset management and asset tracking ...

Outdoors Facilities & Parks

NGO & Charity

itemit can be customised to any business, so feel free to drop us a line and we will gladly assist.

What can itemit be used for?

Plant & Machinery

Capital equipment, machinery and tools. Asset theft prevention with asset marking and tracking.

Equipment Hire

Heavy equipment, moving equipment, small tools tracking, inventory, AV & Media.

Office & IT...

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RFID Tracking Systems | IMEC Technologies

RFID tags can be read when they are covered or not visible - a tag can be read even if it is inside a box, carton or case

You can read multiple RFID tags at once - unlike bar codes, which can only be read one at a time.

RFID Tracking Systems from IMEC Technologies have been deployed for applications including:

Tool tracking on industrial sites

Logistics and distribution - tracking items in...

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RFID Jewellery Tracking for Jewelry Stores - CopperSpiral RFID

RFID Jewellery Tracking for Jewelry Stores

RFID Jewellery Tracking by CopperSpiral RFID has been successfully deployed at many Jewelery Retail and Wholesale stores across India.

We have completed RFID for Jewellery Tracking for clients in Mumbai, Surat, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

For RFID Jewellery Tracking for Jewellery Stores, CopperSpiral has completed many pilots and full-scale roll-out of solutions. In these solutions, we have worked with the client to give a 100% customized solution depending on the...

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RFID for Asset Management | Vizinex

RFID for Asset Management

Automating tracking of returnable containers and other high-value�assets�allows manufacturers to effectively and efficiently track the location of critical parts during each stage of their work process - and to solve numerous supply chain management challenges at the same time.

Today's most innovative manufacturers are turning to RFID technology to accomplish...

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GPS Tracking Devices. Global Supplier of Tracking Devices ...

GPS Tracking Devices NFC Group 2015-02-27T18:31:02+00:00

B360 High Value Asset Tracker

The B360 high value asset tracker designed and built in the UK is widely regarded as one of the most durable asset tracking devices available in the world today. Read More »

N360 MIcro Asset Tracker

The N360 has been evolved from the micro tracker to resolve a particularly common problem whereby customers...

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Barcode & RFID based Fixed Asset Management, Tracking ...

Accurately track which asset are being used and by whom.

Reduce costs by eliminating purchase of unnecessary asset.

Record the asset's cost information, as required by your procurement system and fixed asset management system

Track depreciation on fixed assets

Record the asset's physical information, e.g. model, serial number, specs, manufacturer

Record warranty/AMC details and schedule email...

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Healthcare Solutions | Asset Tracking, RFID, Paragon Labeling


For the nation's healthcare providers, cost control and accountability are more important than ever.

Lowry has defined a versatile collection of healthcare solutions that combine RFID and barcode technologies with relational database software to track medical supplies and physical assets to improve inventory management, reduce procurement costs, and enhance the quality of...

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Rfid Asset Tracking Software - Free Download Rfid Asset ...

174 Kb

Runs on:

WinXP, WinNT 4.x, WinNT 3.x, WinME, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Win CE, Win98, Window2008, Win All, Windows 7, Windows XP X64,Windows Vista, Windows 7...

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Data Center Asset Tracking

Audit Proof Your Data Center

No data center is static or simple. With large volumes of equipment moving in and out for maintenance or reconfiguration, it becomes essential to have an easy and straightforward data center asset tracking solution to track and manage assets. Additionally, given the cost of equipment, having a system that provides precision and reliability...

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RFID Asset Tracking System - GAO RFID Inc.

Learn about our WIP Asset Tracking System

Does your business need Asset Tracking?

Many companies are not familiar with the existence of Asset Tracking systems and often struggle with determining the cost/benefit of this technology. The following questions will help you decide whether your business is ready for Asset Tracking:

Do you have long-term physical assets that are moveable?

If you have...

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USB HF RFID Reader Writer - GAO RFID Asset Tracking

Product  ::  Healthcare Asset Tracking Readers  ::  USB Enabled HF RFID Reader/Writer

Product 6/14

Overview - USB Enabled HF RFID Reader/Writer (10223015)

This small yet, full featured mouse-sized RFID reader/writer is designed for the desk-top and is available for both UHF and HF RFID frequencies. (See USB Enabled UHF RFID Reader/Writer model 10216008 for the ultra high frequency version).

Common uses for the USB RFID reader are verification and programming of RFID tags and labels, personnel...

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Asset tracking with radio frequency identification ...

/ Steven Bragg

Some fixed assets are literally fixed in place, while others can be shifted throughout a facility, and may be hard to find. This latter situation is a particular problem when there is an ongoing need for certain assets among different departments. The problem can be resolved through the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on assets, which signal the location of the...

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RFID Tags Suppliers|Industial RFID Tags Wholesale | STARNFC



STARNFC offers a range of Metal Mount RFID tags. They are special designed for�RFID asset tracking and RFID inventory management, logistic industries and including truck, container , all metal

surface tracking. Avialable in Low Frequency (LF) and High Frequency (HF) and Ultra- High

Frequency (UHF) ,all our RFID metal tags � could be used on metal surface and products and metal products asset management.

Metal mount RFID tags Key Features:


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IT Asset, Network Discovery and Mapping Software RFID ...

Vector Asset Locator

Knowing at all times where your assets are

Vector's Asset Locator solution combines network and PC discovery and mapping with RFID tracking, to provide real-time information on asset location, asset audit support and asset database validation. Asset Locator projects are highly customized.

Rental Options

Solution Essentials

Asset Locator provides Vector's foundation Asset...

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Skytron, LLC. - Asset Tracking & Supply Chain Solutions



Skytron's Asset Management and Supply Chain Solutions help you improve patient care and operational efficiencies at the same time. Each of our unique RFID technologies track critical hospital assets and are designed to...

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Automotive Asset Tracking - IoT Solutions - Radiant RFID

End-to-End Automotive Asset Management

Asset location and condition are two critical components of automotive production. Manufacturers and suppliers need accurate, real-time data to make global supply chain decisions.�A multi-technology platform enables the enterprise to scale across various physical environments, conditions and challenges.

By automating data collection, IoT tracking...

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Smart hospital asset tracking with RFID and IoT - scnsoft.com

Image Analysis

RFID and IoT: A smart symbiosis for hospital asset tracking and management

Smart asset tracking is a buzzword that becomes more and more popular in the healthcare industry. From the outside, it looks like a complicated innovation that may need much time and money to be implemented and adopted. However, it makes sense to study the topic deeper before drawing a conclusion.

In our...

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Hate RFID Asset Tracking Systems? Beacons Can Help!

Search for:

Hate RFID Asset Tracking Systems? Beacons Can Help!

The Internet of Things is coming for your asset management system. If you want to experience a more affordable, less frustrating asset tracking system, the latest Bluetooth technology may be your chance.

Whether you are looking to:

better track assets in logistic operations,

decrease errors in a manufacturing facility,

or eliminate...

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What is RFID | Radio Frequency Identification ...

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification technology is very effective for tracking and stock management relying on simple tags and devices to track and locate items.

RFID Tutorial Includes:

RFID basics � � Coupling techniques � � Tags & smart labels � � Readers, writers & printers � � RFID antennas � � Frequency bands & spectrum � � Security � � Standards � �


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ACME DIGITEK : RFID based File Tracking System

RFID based File Tracking System

Files, folders, records, charts, books, photos, tapes, CDs and DVDs, evidentiary exhibits - in many industries, some form of physical media is central to the process of doing business. Information is gathered, retrieved, referenced, filed and moved from location to location for various types of processing. Some of these physical records, such as legal evidence,...

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IoT Asset and Vehicle Tracking Systems via RFID ... - Romteck

IoT Solutions

IoT Tracking Systems

Romteck's IoT tracking systems offer industrial-grade RFID and GPS tracking solutions for long range identification and authentication of vehicles and plant, including in harsh and remote environments.

Solutions are based on the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. Romteck RFID smart tags can record a range of sensor data including engine hours,...

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UHF 868/915 MHz Wood Tracking RFID Nail Tag - GAO UAE

Tech Support:


Home  /  RFID Tags by Feature  /  UHF RFID Tags  / UHF 868/915 MHz Wood Tracking RFID Nail Tag

UHF 868/915 MHz Wood Tracking RFID Nail Tag



The Gen 2 UHF wood tracking RFID tag works on the 868 MHz to 915 MHz frequency. These tags have long read range up to 26 feet (8 meters) and a high operating temperature. They are waterproof with...

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Asset Tracking and Security | GuardRFID

GuardRFID's Asset Tracking system helps to deliver this visibility, and hence operational efficiency, resulting in significant financial benefits across all industries.

Why choose GuardRFID's Asset Tracking and Security system?

GuardRFID's Asset Tracking and Security system uses Active RFID technology to help you track and manage your assets. Our tags allow you to positively ascertain where a...

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RFID GPS Tracking. Real Time SIM Free Asset Tracking ...

RFID GPS Tracking Systems / Active Tracking Tags

NFC provide thousands of different types of active RFID with combined GPS tracking systems. All B2B markets and unlimited applications. Contact us for more information of global asset tracking devices and bespoke tracking solutions.

Privately owned Orion Data Network - A RFID GPS Tracking Systems real-time asset tracking and security network being...

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RFID Integration, RFID Asset Tracking, Passive RFID Tags ...


RFID Integration

Essen's Asset Tracking Module and Pilot Project Kit enable real-time RFID integration that best fits its customer's current and as well as foreseeable needs, both efficiently and affordably.

Essen's RFID hardware platform covers the UHF - Passive range, which is the most widely used spectrum forming the industry standard. Its integration portfolio adheres to multiprotocol EPC Global standards and Savant guidelines.


UHF Passive RFID Tags are reliable, low-cost tags that are ideal for high volume tagging and are especially useful for very small sizes at the item level. These are...

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RFID Tag Vendor: Metalcraft - Gateway RFID Store

Vendor Profile

Metalcraft is a leading vendor for RFID tags and labels . They provide a wide variety of tags and labels with a focus in the asset tracking, access control, and entertainment and event access areas. This Mason City, Iowa, company has been a leader in the identification products industry since 1950.

When a project manager is looking for tags and labels they often have requirements...

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passive programmable rfid animal cattle management

passive programmable rfid animal cattle management

Basic RFID Components | Beef Magazine

Transponders for radio-frequency identification (RFID) in the beef industry areElectronic circuits in the transponder can be programmed as Read Only (R/O)are placed permanently to read tags as cattle flow by a certain physical location.you to actually tie electronic identity to production and management...

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RFID for Manufacturing | Vizinex

RFID for Manufacturing

Industrial environments - like manufacturing plants, mines, refineries, power generation plants and warehouses - can be chaotic places. Assets come and go. Material is constantly in motion. Without the proper safeguards in place, things get lost - harming efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Fortunately, it is possible to generate accurate, real-time data on the...

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Hospital Asset Tracking - Jolly Tech

With Asset Track by Jolly Technologies, maintaining accurate records of all hospital assets is easy! Asset Track conveniently stores locations, inventory levels, maintenance records, user history, status (in-use, sterile, etc.) and more in one database through the use of customizable barcodes and RFID asset tags.

Asset Track is easy-to-use and can be tailored to suit the needs of your medical...

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RFID Data Center Solutions

RFID Data Center Tracking

One of the most compelling uses of RFID technology is in the data center, where you have a dense population of expensive, mission-critical assets that must be kept track of. Because RFID technology allows you to read multiple tags simultaneously, having densely racked assets really allows the technology to show off its ...

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RFID for Airports - GAO RFID Asset Tracking

RFID Solutions & Applications

Asset Tracking for Airports

GAO RFID access control and personnel tracking and location systems can help to assure the security of restricted areas in airports, such as flight lines, baggage handling areas, customs, employee lounges, and other sensitive areas. These techniques could also be applied at maritime ports, railway stations, and passenger bus terminals.


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RFID in hospitality | Tragging Fixed Assets

Contact us

RFID in Hospitality

Who doesn't like technology?!! Frankly, I think we all love innovative technologies that simplifies our lives beyond compare, especially when doing business. What was once costly and expensive, is now common and affordable. RFID technology has invaded every aspect of our lives reaching way far beyond all expectations. RFID (radio-frequency identification)  uses...

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Application of RFID Tags for Inventory Management Software ...

Hannah Steffensen on 10/04/2016

Keeping track of expensive equipment and mobile assets in an efficient manner is one of the most complex challenges faced by large companies. Without a reliable inventory management system in place, both labor costs and carrying charges can go through the roof.  Not to mention, the companies will incur huge losses if the valuable equipment and vehicles are...

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Useful Tips for Using RFID for IT Asset Management

Passive vs. Active RFID Comparison

The primary difference between passive and active RFID tags is that active tags are powered by a battery and automatically broadcast their signal, whereas passive tags do not have a power source and only transmit a signal upon receiving RF energy emitted from a reader in proximity of the tag.

RFID readers read RFID tags just like barcode scanners read...

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Hospital Equipment Tracking Systems

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Hospital Equipment Tracking Systems

Keep track of expensive medical equipment and other assets with our hospital equipment tracking systems. Asset tracking is a critical component of a hospital's or medical institution's financial accountability. While the term asset tracking can refer to a financial management scenario, an additional reference involves tracking capital assets - those fixed or physical assets that play an important...

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Asset tracking and management system for library using ...

Research Article - Biomedical Research (2016) Computational Life Sciences and Smarter Technological Advancement

Asset tracking and management system for library using active radio frequency identification (RFID)

Muthuselvi R *

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology Virudhunagar, India

*Corresponding Author:

Department of Computer Science and...

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Website: http://www.alliedacademies.org

RFID File Tracking, File Tracking System Software ...

Functioning of RFID File Tracking System -

How RFID System Works for File Tracking ?

§ Tagging: Tagging is the process of mapping of registered file with unique tagid, corresponding Location and its department.

§ Inventory: Handheld reader reads and save the record of all the files coming in its range. It gives the list of misplaced and missing files.

§ Check-In/Check-Out: Files can be check in and check out by self check in / checkout station.

§ Searching File: Any File can be search by handheld reader by putting its file number. As the file come in range of handheld reader it start beeping.

§ MIS Reporting: MIS Report can be generated from...

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Website: indiamart.com

Facts about GPS tracking using QR codes, RFID/NFC ...

Facts about GPS tracking using QR codes, RFID/NFC, Bluetooth & GSM/SMS

As the keeping track of expanding asset inventories gets complicated, many growing organizations decide to abandon traditional spreadsheet-based or pen and paper methods of locating equipment, products, or devices. However, the search for advanced and more efficient tech alternatives is often fraught with confusion and...

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Website: https://www.gocodes.com

RFID Tags for Industry & Logistics - Asset Tracking - HID ...

and Accountability

with RFID Asset Tracking

HID Global continues to lead the way in research and development of wireless tracking and identification readers and transponders. Contactless RFID components from HID Global optimize data collection speed and accuracy, enabling improved process control, data management and productivity. Our standard portfolio includes hundreds of tag varieties that...

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Date: 2017-03-04 00:43:32
Website: https://www.hidglobal.com

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Track and Trace - Asset tracking leads to better asset ...


Asset tracking leads to better asset utilisation

Knowing where assets are being used and how much allows informed decisions to be made on how equipment can be better utilised. As a result imagine removing 30% of them without any loss of availability, and then reducing re-purchases by the same amount. Better utilisation can lead...

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Website: http://www.codegate.co.uk

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RFID Inventory Tracking: A Hybrid Approach

There are two types of RFID tags - passive and active - and both offer their own set of advantages and lend themselves to track a particular class of assets. Passive tags rely on readers to pick up their signal in order to supply the power necessary to respond to and broadcast their data. These tags are used for tracking a high volume of lower-cost items. Conversely, active RFID tags use their...

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Lab Equipment Tracking System | Laboratory RFID SYSTEM ...

AssetPulse RFID Lab equipment tracking solution

AssetPulse RFID Lab equipment tracking system facilitates the entire calibration process - from determining which assets need calibration to physically locating them and to processing the post-calibration paperwork.

AssetPulse RFID Lab inventory management software proactively alerts users of upcoming calibration-due-dates - both via email as well as via software alerts. It also lets the user search the system for a list of assets that need calibration in the short term. They can download asset lists to mobile RFID readers, which enable them to quickly and efficiently locate equipment on the lab...

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Website: https://www.assetpulse.com

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RFID Systems | Software & Hardware | Compare 2017's Best

Looking to get lean? Need an efficient and accurate way to manage your inventory? RFID is the next step in inventory and warehouse management, providing the automation and real-time insights you need to enable more effective and accurate inventory management.

Overwhelmed? We'll help you find your ideal software solution, absolutely�free!

Find out why thousands of businesses trust Software...

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Date: 2017-12-09 23:49:08
Website: https://softwareconnect.com

Maptsoft digital inspection, maintenance and asset ...

Digital asset inspection and maintenance made easy

Track assets

Add an RFID tag to any/all assets you want to track. Each tag contains the critical information about the asset being tracked.

Inspect assets

Use our mobile app to do field inspection of assets. Ensure assets are properly inspected, at the right time and collate the data.

Report & analyse

Use our web service to generate custom asset...

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Website: https://maptsoft.com

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Asset Management Software, Asset Tracking Software ...

Comprehensive Asset Tracking and Asset Management Software covering Administrative, Equipment, Property, Fleet and Leased assets.

Pinnacle Assets module allows you to record all relevant asset details in a powerful RDBMS and attach related documents, maps, plans, images, CAD drawings. Importantly it also allows you to monitor warranty, faults and repairs & services while producing comprehensive...

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Website: https://www.pinnacle.com.au

Ready Software - Payroll - Human Resource - Fixed Assets ...

Our core products include Singapore Payroll, Malaysia Payroll, Human Resource, Fixed Assets and Asset Tracking Audit, We also have a suite of employee self-service transaction applications such as

E-Leave system, Secured e-Payslips, Timesheet Jobcosting, Timeclock Attendance, Payroll Outsourcing and Leave Management Outsourcing.

Payroll,Payroll Software, Payroll Systems, Payroll Accounting, HR...

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Date: 2015-09-10 08:05:15
Website: http://www.ready-software.com

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