Zebra DEV { TALK } - UHF RFID Market, Products, and Applications

In this webinar, we will review the latest trends in RFID technology and what that means for you as a developer.

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Zebra's RFID Data Capture Products:

-RFID Handheld Readers


-RFID Fixed...

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From: Zebra Technologies

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NEW: Demonstration of Invisi-Tag's Handheld RFID Reader!

Demonstration of Invisi-Tag's New handheld RFID Reader! Watch how quick and easy it is to do inventory! Tracking your assets with Invisi-Tag is now a breeze!

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From: InvisiTagStream

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Library Book Inventory Counting with RFID Handheld Reader

Inventory counting in Library is done with RFID HF Handheld Reader. Exact book count can be seen on the reader. It is also used for search a particular book in a library.

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IER 680 High performance RFID handheld reader

Accurate, fast and simple to use RFID reader for point-of-sales - Real-time inventories

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From: IER Group

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Handheld RFID Reader goes RTLS with GPS & Cellular

The CS101 handheld reader captures the GPS location where RFID tag reads, bar codes scans, keyboard, or touch-screen operations occur and then instantly communicates that information using the same technology as a mobile phone - all for around $2,800. In this episode of RDIF.net, we put it to the test. Host: Louis Sirico.

CS101 Handheld Reader is the longest read range, highest read rate and highest read yield UHF RFID handheld reader in the world. It enables lightning fast inventory of cases...

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Connect To Invisi-Tag Handheld RFID Reader

Quick video on how to connect to Invisi-Tag's new Bluetooth handheld RFID reader with your Smart Device.

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From: InvisiTagStream

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RFID Bluetooth Reader DL990U with iPhone

For more details about RFID Handheld Reader works with iOS devices and iPhone, please check in DAILY RFID (www.rfid-in-china.com).

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From: Betty DAILY RFID

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RFID library handheld reader books inventory

Handheld reader is specialized for library books management to implement listing, searching, sorting, error correction and inventory . It can work together with tablet PC through WIFI or Bluetooth .

Feel free get in touch with us : lilyshi@gzandea.com

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From: Lily Shi

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RFID Handheld Readers and RFID Tag testing info - ODINs


This video blog starts with Patrick Sweeney in the Swiss Alps and jumps to the USA to hear the testing that some of ODIN's engineers went through when they tested eight of the leading handheld RFID readers head-to-head so end users could make the optimal buying decision.

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From: ODINtechnologies

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From: angel li

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