Long distance RFID Handheld Reader /UHF Metal Tag for Cable Management

This is a test for cable management according to one customer's requirement . You can see the performance of our handheld reader , our metal tag is really really excellent .

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From: Tony Shen

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Automatic Identification with a Handheld RFID Reader

Automatic Identification with a Handheld RFID Reader

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From: odinbudapest

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OBID i-scan Blade RFID reader

How to use the new OBID i-scan Blade RFID reader, optimally? The video shows the usage of the handheld device at the example of a library.

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From: feigelectronic

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RFID Handheld Readers and RFID Tag testing info - ODINs


This video blog starts with Patrick Sweeney in the Swiss Alps and jumps to the USA to hear the testing that some of ODIN's engineers went through when they tested eight of the leading handheld RFID readers head-to-head so end users could make the optimal buying decision.

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From: ODINtechnologies

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Connect To Invisi-Tag Handheld RFID Reader

Quick video on how to connect to Invisi-Tag's new Bluetooth handheld RFID reader with your Smart Device.

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From: InvisiTagStream

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IER 680 High performance RFID handheld reader

Accurate, fast and simple to use RFID reader for point-of-sales - Real-time inventories

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From: IER Group

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((( DanEseal ))) ((( RFID seal )))

• Readable upto 9-11 meters distance by either handheld or fixed RFID reader.

• Unique tamper detecting loop with kill tag option.

• Tag is programmable with all details regarding the shipment.

• Fast and accurate electronic reading of seal data.

• Inexpensive compared to other electronic seal solutions.

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From: Ferry de Wit

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U Grok It Booth Interview | RFID Journal Live! 2016

Grokker: http://rfidatl.as/2d0D4kA

The U Grok It Grokker UHF RFID Reader is a easy-to-use, handheld RFID reader. It is a plug-and-play device that allows users to get started with RFID without the large costs typically associated with RFID readers. It is suited for most applications that are using RFID to identify, locate, track and take accurate inventory. With three unique apps on the Apple and Android app store, this reader contains everything you need to get started.

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From: Atlas RFID Store

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Maunfacturing Process NFC RFID Inlay Production Antenna Embedding

RFIDSolutionGlobal is a national level high-tech enterprise founded in 2010 with 10 millions registered capital. We are focus on IOT technologies and a solution provider of software development, hardware, system integration and RFID products etc.

Our Business cover all kinds of RFID Reader, Handheld Terminals, NFC Devices, RFID Modules, RFID Antennas, RFID & NFC Tags/Labels, RFID Wristbands, Keyfobs, NFC Metro Tokens, RFID Inlay Sheets, Smart Card and application management system etc,...

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From: RFIDSolution Global

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CAEN RFID embedded UHF RFID readers presentation

**** Disponibili i sottotitoli in Italiano ****

Typical products that feature UHF RFID are Handheld and PDA devices, label printers and applicators, desktop readers, kiosks, industrial readers and smart shelves.

Embedded RFID readers are the best choice for all companies wishing to integrate their existing or new products with RFID functionality.

Our products differ for form factor, read distance and power consumption. Please contact us to get advise on the right module for your application.

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From: CAENRFID srl

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