Winning supply-chain technologies: Separating fact from fiction

"There's a lot of hype in supply chain. If you look at the history of supply chain, there is a track record of hype...Following the hype can actually be quite expensive. We have seen countless clients that have sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into integrated supply-chain-planning systems, not only to see no value added but actually to see a lot of value destroyed."

Companies often look for single, miraculous cures to their supply-chain problems. In this interview witt McKinsey director...

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From: McKinsey & Company

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Adding RFID to Vertical Pharmacy Carousels is Easy with the Latest Technology from SencorpWhite

Steve Ellstrom explains the advantages of adding RFID to your pharmaceutical storage solutions, distribution and supply chain systems using SencorpWhite's RFID Easy software.

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From: SencorpWhite

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Rfid in Logistics: A Practical Introduction | Ebook

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Radio Frequency Identification (rfid) tagging is now mandated by the department of defense and many of the worlds largest retailers including Wal-mart. In order to stay competitive, more than 200,000 manufacturers and suppliers must develop strategies for integrating Rfid technologies into their supply chains. Rfid in Logistics: A Practical Introduction provides businesses and other relevant concerns with an authoritative step-by-step guide...

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From: Arnulfo Seymour

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BIG Data, Privacy, RFID Tracking, Global Supply Chains - Conference Keynote Speaker Future of the retail industry - use of BIG DATA. Patrick Dixon delivers a conference keynote for BNP Paribas in Bulgaria. A world beyond mobile, instant global stock control and improved supply chains. Airbus use RFID in all 1.5m different components of each plane, tracking them across the world. Audi A6 -- 85 door components, 50000 product combinations. The 'internet of things', location data of consumers and products creates 'Big Data'. Making sense of the...

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From: Patrick Dixon Futurist Keynote Speaker for Industry Conference

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JADAK introduces EPC, RFID in Healthcare Supply Chain Management

A brief introduction and explanation to EPC (Electronic Product Code) using RFID and their impact on healthcare supply chain Management.

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Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is widely used in supply chain management as a means of monitoring physical goods and assets. For large warehouses with tens of thousands of physical goods entering and leaving each day,the process of collecting RFID tag IDs is highly automated through the use of conveyor belts. Once goods are placed onto a conveyor belt, they move along on a fixed path at a constan speed until they are read by RFID readers carefully placed along the conveyor...

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From: HBeonLabs

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Download Fashion Supply Chain Management Using Radio Frequency Identification RFID Technologies Wood

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From: Julian L.

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UHF RFID in Supply Chain and Warehouse Management

With this RFID system, goods packed in boxes can be counted automatically by item-level and carton-level. With RFID access points, goods can be effectively arranged in different zones in the warehouse and traced easily. The number of stock can be shown just-in-time and stock-outs can be prevented. In addition, the number of stock entering and leaving the warehouse can be recorded with minium manpower. If you are interested in improving supply chain and warehouse management, please contact us...

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From: TheRFIDTechnology

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Increasing Supply-Chain Visibility with Rule-Based RFID Data Analysis

RFID technology tracks the flow of physical items and goods in supply chains

to help users detect inefficiencies, such as shipment delays, theft, or inventory

problems. An inevitable consequence, however, is that it generates huge

numbers of events. To exploit these large amounts of data, the Supply Chain

Visualizer increases supply-chain visibility by analyzing RFID data, using a mix

of automated analysis techniques and human effort. The tool's core concepts

include rule-based analysis...

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From: mtbfloh

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RFID Wal Mart Standards - RFID Supply Chain Lab

Overview of the wal mart rfid standards at RFSCLab at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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From: rfsclab

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