Configuration Card Quick Demo

This video is a quick start demonstration of our newest device the TWN4 CONFIG Programmer. It is used to write RFID reader configurations on contactless cards - TWN4 CONFIG Cards.

The TWN4 CONFIG Cards are used to wireless (re)configure Elatec RFID cards readers. This helps to reduce the configuration time since a reader does not need to get disassembled or connected to a computer.

Further information on TWN4 CONFIG...

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From: Elatec RFID Systems

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Introduction of 2.45GHz Gain Adjustable Active RFID WiFi Reader (217002)

GAO RFID's 2.45 GHz Gain Adjustable RFID Reader uses a built in omni-directional antenna allowing it to identify transponder tagged items up to 100 meters in all directions. Users can adjust the identification distance from less than 5 meters to 100 meters according to actual situations in order to make identification more accurate. The reader uses an advanced 0.18 µm CMOS IC for ultra-low power. This active reader uses WiFi (802.11b wireless communication standard) for data transmission to a...

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From: GAO RFID Inc.

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Passive Wireless RFID Temperature Sensor Demonstration & Tutorial. Ideal for Food Safety.

RFID Sensors have the amazing ability to wirelessly transmit temperature data from a sensor that has no battery. The sensor uses the RF energy from the RFID reader to power the electronics and transmit the reading. No battery makes these sensors ideal in many applications, such as food safety. This video demonstrates the reading of a tag with multiple hand held readers. It also shows the performance of the tag at low freezing temperatures and against metal. The video highlights several of...

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From: daviddavid442

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Wireless RFID Card Reader

Connecting Two Micro Controllers Using Wireless RF Technology.

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From: cassanopeterpan

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HF Wireless Passive Battery-Free RFID Temperature Sensor Demonstration and Tutorial

Learn more at The capabilities of a commercial passive, battery-free wireless RFID temperature sensor in a credit card format are demonstrated in this video. The video covers RFID readers, battery free passive RFID temperature sensors, High Frequency HF 13.56 MHz ISO 15693 RFID sensor technology, prevention of self-heating, low temperature performance of the Phase IV Engineering SensTAG, metal mount RFID sensors, custom RFID sensors, and other sensor options such as...

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From: PhaseIVEngineering

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RedBee RFID Reader interface with Java

There is two ways to read/ write from/to the RedBee either through the USB Mini-B cable or through the XBee transceiver. This video show the first method (via USB Mini Cable). In order to use the Redbee with the XBee and send all the read tags to the laptop "wirelessly", the jumper should be connected to the Xbee pins.

For more info:

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From: assem al ashkar

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From: angel li

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Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet with Pocket Sized GEN2 UHF RFID Reader

In this video we're going to demonstrate using an Android Tablet running Android 2.2 with a Blueberry Bluetooth (SPP Serial Port Profile) UHF (GEN2) RFID reader to scan grocery items and look them up using the List-in-Hand Mobile List application.

This is a Dell Streak 7 and this is a Blueberry bluetooth GEN2 (UHF ) RFID reader. We'll turn on the Bluetooth reader, then we'll use the Menu Connect in the Mobile List application.

The scanner shows in the Bluetooth devices list since we've...

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From: SerialMagic

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Android Bluetooth RFID tag reading with Allflex Stick Reader

Are you looking for the ultimate mobile RFID data collection solution using the Allflex Bluetooth Stick Reader?'s SerialMagic product provides wireless RFID and barcode connectivity on more mobile devices than any other product of its kind.

Here we will demonstrate how to capture RFID tag data using the Stick Reader and upload that data wirelessly to any email address, FTP server, or SQL database on the Internet.

For this video we are using the HTC Nexus One Android mobile...

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From: SerialMagic

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Motorola Xoom Android and GEN2 RFID Tire Tag Data Capture

This video shows the Motorola Xoom Android 10.1-inch Tablet and a Bluetooth UHF-GEN2 RFID reader that can read tire (and tyre for those in the UK) RFID tags and post the tire tag data to any Android app via the Bluetooth connection.

Turn on the Bluetooth radio, we launch the Mobile Grid app on the Android Tablet, use the Menu Connect option to select the reader; RFID scanner has been paired the reader immediately connects.

Now you go to the outside of the tire where the RFID tag is...

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From: SerialMagic

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