RfID through Wireless Zigbee

RfID reader implementation using PIC18F2550 connected to Host terminal through Wireles (PAN) "Personal Area Network" Using Digi Zigbee Wireless modules configured as Router and Coordinator!!!

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From: Ryan Leis

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Smart Technology Group: Meet Us

Short & briefly – this is not only the summary of movie about Smart Technology Group. This is also precise characteristic of adapted work model. Its effects are astonishing. SMART RFID is the brand of highly advanced products which as first in the world make it possible to use simultaneously many wireless technologies. The flagship product of SMART RFID brand is RFID UHF reader Master 01, the most often awarded Polish RFID tool. SMART RFID brand is composed also by mobile reader Neo 01, RFID...

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From: SMART Technology Group

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RFID Interactive Display.wmv

Wireless RFID Reader Application - User could define different group base on the RFID card that uses. With different RFID card scanned. It will show different message base on the user's define.

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From: Chian Ho Lim

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Wireless RFID Reader gloves with NeoPixels

Gloves created with Heidi Hinder for the V&A Digital Design Weekend, September 20, 2014.

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From: SebMadgwickResearch

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IDChamp Bluetooth RFID and NFC Tag Reader for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows, etc.

Introduction of the new Bluetooth IDChamp RFID and NFC reader that can read RFID and NFC tags into fields on IOS device. Perfect for FileMaker Go event management.

IDChamp RS3 Dual-NFC reader (125KHz & 13.56MHz) is a flexible Bluetooth wireless RFID reader for badges and tags of two types:

1) Prox HID type low frequency (LF 125KHz)

2) NFC Mifare, ICODE, Tag-it (see more below) (HF 13.56MHz)

Maximum host support is provided with both Bluetooth SPP and Bluetooth HID (keyboard) modes.

For more...

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From: zerobluetech

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Earthsearch - Logiboxx and GATIS Logistics Solution


LogiBoxx is an intelligent GPS device that offers the world's first wireless integration of RFID and GPS technology. It is able to communicate wirelessly with certified active RFID Tags and Seals or with passive RFID Tags and Seals when combined with certified RFID readers. Information collected is sent to GATIS software in real-time enabling you to have continuous visibility of your assets and to efficiently manage your business. Primary power source is a car battery;...

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From: EarthSearch

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Nordic ID and RFID: Passion for wireless - Part 10

RFID overtakes the barcode - Part 10

Nordic ID and RFID: Passion for wireless

Every year, RFID adoption picks up the pace, moving into different verticals and finding new applications.

The burning question is: will RFID replace the barcode, and if so when?

Heikki Seppä is a senior research professor with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, a nonprofit organization and the largest

multi-technological applied research organization in Northern Europe.

Jorma Lalla is CEO of...

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From: Nordic ID

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Walk through attendance system

http://smartchildsafety.com/ It a long range RFID reader for students .100℅ wireless system , when student entered this gate then attendance will mark and auto sms send to parents

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Automated Inter-Office Documents Delivery Robot Using RFID: Hardware

The system is composed from different hardware components. The wild thumper chassis, the RFID Reader that has an XBee wireless transceiver attached to it; there is also another wireless transceiver attached to the circuit board. 3 UltraSonic sensors used for obstacles avoidance purposes. 3 motor drivers to control the rover.

In order to send the control commands and receive the tags IDs, the XBee wireless transceiver was used as the communication medium. One transceiver was connected to the...

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From: assem al ashkar

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RFID & GPRS [Part 1]

This RFID Reader comes with GPRS for transferring the data to the server wireless. For more details, please visit DAILY RFID (www.rfid-in-china.com) or email us at rfid_sales02@vip.163.com.

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From: Betty DAILY RFID

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