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XXX2 Series ??? Mifare and I-Code Reader

With High Frequency RFID Grabba devices you can check, confirm and/or write HF (13.56Mhz) RFID information using a Smartphone. These RFID devices are used in membership applications, asset tracking, logistics, healthcare, pharmaceutical, transport ticketing and event...

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Product - Ramp RFID

Ramp is a premium preferred supplier of an extensive range of passive and active RFID tags, readers and antennas to suit a multitude of specific requirements. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to determine the most suitable components for your requirements.


RFID tags are typically placed on objects such as assets, inventory, vehicles or people in order to uniquely...

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RFID Services and Solutions by Telecube - Islamabad Pakistan

RFID Readers


An RFID reader is a device that is used to interrogate an RFID tag. The reader has an antenna that emits radio waves; the tag responds by sending back its data.


RFID Antennas


The antenna in an RFID tag is a...

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RFID Supply | FREE Shipping! Readers Tag Scanners Buy Canada

RFID Supply is your local Canadian online shop for RFID (radio frequency identification) technology solutions. RFID tags, fobs or cards are similar to barcodes or magnetic strips found on credit cards. Readers, also known as transmitters, scanners or antennas use radio-frequency to access the stored information such as ID numbers or inventory codes. Active RFID tags will have a battery and...

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R3-2 125 KHz Low Frequency Readers up to 3 feet - RFID, Inc.

125 KHz Low Frequency Readers

Our R32 line of 125 KHz RFID Readers continues to be by far the most advanced LF hardware on the market since its debut in 2002. Termed "Smart Antennas", these RFID Readers are designed for factory floor identification applications requiring Robust, Rugged, Rapid data capture (hence the R3). RFID Readers operate both...

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SD Card UHF RFID Readers | Products & Suppliers ...

SD Card UHF RFID Readers

Information: Catalog and Supplier Database for Engineering and Industrial Professionals.

Products/Services for SD Card UHF RFID Readers


RFID Readers - (140 companies)

Images credits: Motorola; Barcoding Inc.; CNet RFID readers are devices that perceive, interrogate, and amend RFID tags which have assigned a unique electronic identity to a physical article...

ID Card...

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RFID Reader | learn.parallax.com

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.  The Parallax RFID Reader Serial + Tag Sampler includes several unique RFID tags. This tutorial will show you how connect the RFID Card Reader to the Propeller microcontroller.  Then, it will show you how to read a tag's ID number and use that data in a program.



In addition to 5V and ground, the RFID Card Reader - Serial requires two...

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125KHz RFID reader anntena coil - Forum for Electronics

i need some help pls... i currently modified a 125KHz RFID reader anntena coil, the actual read range for 125KHz RFID reader is about 4cm. I plan to remove the original anntena coil and replace with another anntena coil to improve the reading range. so, what type of material i needed to build the antenna coil? for example copper? is that correct? how many turn for the anntena coil? how many...

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Glossary of RFID, NFC, IoT - SMARTRAC N.V.


Active Transponder

A transponder which contains a battery that provides the energy needed to transmit information and receive data.

Contact Card

Device in which the chip must have physical contact with the reader to allow data transmission. The chip must therefore be located on the surface to allow readers to establish contact with the chips and communicate with them.


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UHF EPC Gen2 RFID-Reader Design | ZHAW Zentrum für ...

UHF EPC Gen2 RFID-Reader Design

UHF EPC Gen2 RFID-Reader Design

Portable Reader Design with Carrier Suppression

In UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems Rx (Receiver) is usually isolated from Tx (Transmitter) by a circulator or a directional coupler. Since tags become more sensitive in order to improve reading distance, the relatively poor isolation of 20dB - 30dB limits the tag to reader link. A way to improve a directional coupler's isolation is to mismatch the unused port to generate a...

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RFID Asset Management - hopelandrfid.com

Assets Management


Fixed Asset is the most important part of enterprise assets composition.� It� guarantee s the production and management, and plays a significant role for enterprise financial condition.�Therefore, strengthening the assets management for complete, value maintained and value added, and making full use of the assets, is an important task for enterprise's...

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RFID Reader and Tag - Ultimate Guide on RFID Module ...

What is RFID Zombie tag

 A brief note on RFID Technology

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. RFID tags are small chips (usually comes in a smart card or visiting card shape) that are used in our day to day life for unlocking hotel rooms, entering into cars etc.These tiny chips along with an RFID reader forms the RFID system.

RFID  technology was first used during world war 2 to...

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RFID Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller (AT89C51) using ...

Developed By:�

Himanshu Choudhary

This topic covers the interfacing of RFID system with microcontroller through serial interrupt. An RFID system consists of a reader device and a transponder. A transponder or tag has a unique serial number which is identified by the reader. RFID tag is applied to products, individuals or animals to identify and track them through this number.


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RFID Software | Sensor Control | Access Tracking

You are here: Home > RFID > RFID Software

RFID Software

Radio Frequency Identification technology, commonly referred to as RFID, uses electromagnetic fields for the purposes of identifying and tracking objects. More recently, the technology has moved into mainstream applications that speed up the handling of manufactured goods and materials by attaching RFID tags to them. RFID technology has been...

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ThingMagic USB Plus+ RFID Reader - atlasRFIDstore

ThingMagic USB Plus+ RFID Reader

The ThingMagic UHF USB Plus+ RFID Reader is an affordable reader perfect for developing and deploying interactive RFID applications. Powered by the Mercury 5e-Compact UHF RFID reader module from ThingMagic, the USB RFID Reader is powered and controlled through a PC. The USB RFID Reader's small form factor, integrated antenna, deployment feasibility, and low cost...

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Handheld RFID Reader - Manufacturers, Suppliers ...

Thinnk Ware #4 Itbi, Jssate-step C-20/1 , Sector - 62 Noida (u.p.) - 201301 [india], Uttar Pradesh , India


Rfid Long Range Reader

We offer Rfid Long Range Reader. features: various antenna configurations with reading ranges up to 2 meters buffered read mode, notification mode, scan mode multi-tag reader (iso 15693, iso 18000-3 and epc hf) optional further tag protocols are available interfaces: rs232, rs485, lan, wlan interface compatibility to all obid i- readers obid i- iso host mode also available as reader unit.

Digital Identification Systems 

No. 6,...

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Rugged RFID Tags For Bin & Container Tracking | Decade ...

RFID Tags and Systems

What is RFID?

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. There are several methods of identification, but the most common is to store a serial number that identifies a person or object, and perhaps other information, on a microchip that is attached to an antenna (the chip and...

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Interfacing RFID with Arduino - How to Read RFID Cards

In this tutorial, we are dealing with yet another interfacing technique. This time we are interfacing an RFID Reader which can read RFID Tags to Arduino. RFID is Radio Frequency Identification. An RFID reader is used to read RFID tags (which contain certain unique data stored in a chip). An RFID reader and an RFID tag, both have a coil surrounding them.  When an RFID tag is shown near an RFID...

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Quality Mifare Smart Card & Rfid Card Reader Manufacturer

Global Wholesale Packaging Manufacturer & Distributor

Coin Card Dual Screen Ticketing Kiosk Bill Payment Kiosk Services Customized

Ticket Printing Point of Sale Card Reader Wireless Intelligent Electronic

chip sle4442/4428, AT24C64/32/16/08/04/02, contact smart card

NTAG216 NFC Paper Card , NFC RFID SMART card,NFC RFID card and RFID paper card

windows mobile / CE rugged handheld RFID reader...

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RFID Tags UHF, HF, LF, Passive, and Active Tags - Buy ...

Impinj RFID Tags

Impinj, Inc. is the world's leading innovator in UHF Gen 2 RFID solutions for both item-level and supply-chain tagging. Impinj draws on its technical expertise and industry partnerships to deliver a wide range of products and solutions, comprising high-performance tag chips, readers, reader chips, software, antennas and RFID subsystem integration. Impinj's products provide robust performance, integration and cost effectiveness to a global customer base across numerous vertical markets with applications...

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RFID Motorola Solutions Real Time Tracking ... - radio1inc.com

Motorola's RFID solutions enable you to advance your business to a new level of efficiency by providing greater visibility into your inventory as it moves across the supply chain. With real-time tracking information, you'll always know where your critical business assets are.

RFID Readers

From the warehouse and loading dock to indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments, a mobile, handheld or fixed RFID reader can help you achieve maximum visibility into your enterprise assets. You can automatically identify, track and store inventory with RFID tags, and our RFID readers allow you to always be in control of your...

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Long Range RFID Readers and Tags - TPS Traffic & Parking ...

Long Range RFID Readers and Tags

Long Range RFID Readers and Tags

TPS Supplies and Installs the TagMaster range of long range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology offering high performance products for demanding applications. TagMaster manufactures 3 product lines. The LR-series, HD-series.

Long Range RFID Tags

Long range RFID readers are ideal for hands free commercial and...

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Website: http://www.trafficparking.com.au

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RFID Reader block diagram from Texas Instruments ...

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification-13.56MHz RFID system) essentially consists of an RFID Reader/Writer (Transceiver), an HF Tag and a Processor unit interfacing to various peripherals.

HF Tags

A wide range of HF Tags are available. Physical form factor and processing requirements of the HF Tag are the primary factors that help decide which tag to use. In addition, the amount, type and security level of the information which needs to be stored on the card determine the appropriate tag. TI provides HF Tags, suitable for paper and plastic lamination. Memory sizes up to 2kBit with different security levels are available.

RFID Reader/Writer...

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RFID Readers: Alien Technology Expands RFID Leadership ...

RFID Readers: Alien Technology Expands RFID Leadership With Introduction Of Three New Products To Its Portfolio Of EPC Gen 2 Readers

Alien Technology, an industry leader in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products and services, today announced the expansion of its leading portfolio of EPC Gen 2 RFID readers with the introduction of three new RFID products. The new readers are expected to be...

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Rfid ppt - de.slideshare.net

Keine Notizen für die Folie

Rfid ppt

1. RFID Based Embedded System for Vehicle Tracking and Prevention of Road Accidents 1 Ronson Calvin Fernandes 110919053 Manipal Institute of Technology - Manipal 11/19/2013

2. 2 Contents Introduction What is RFID ? RFID Applications RFID System RFID Tag , RFID Reader , GSM How V.T works ? Design and Implementation Benefits of V.T ...

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RFid Based Attendance Management System | Microtronics ...

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Attendance needs to be taken at various places including colleges, school for students and in the industries for the login logout time of employees. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based attendance management system can be used in any college or university or company. Main objective of RFID based...

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RFID Reader/Writer : RFIDSHOP

Home » RFID Reader/Writer

RFID Reader/Writer

RFID,Put simply, it is the use of electronic devices that use Radio Frequencies to IDentify things....

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What's the difference between HF and LF RFID?

High-frequency RFID (13.56MHz) is most commonly used RFID today and is often referred to as "MiFare". It is used within contact-less credit cards, transport tickets, event tickets and hotel room keys to name only a few of its current deployments. NFC (including Apple Pay) is a subset HF RFID 13.56MHz further standardizing this...

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What is RFID? ( Radio Frequency Identification)| RFID ...

What is RFID?


Radio Frequency (RF) technology has been around since WWII, when the Allied Forces first used it to identify friendly aircraft. Today this technology is used for mobile phones, toll tags, fuel pump key fobs, animal tracking both wild and domestic as well as many other applications.

We will discuss the use of RF in automatic identification systems, the most rapidly growing...

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Website: https://www.tracknetid.com

Design and optimization of a CDMA-based multi-reader ...

Design and optimization of a CDMA-based multi-reader passive UHF RFID system for dense scenarios



In dense passive radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, code division multiple access (CDMA) techniques can be used to alleviate severe collisions and thus enhance the system performance. However, conventional CDMA techniques are challenging to implement, especially for passive...

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Website: https://lup.lub.lu.se

InfoSec Resources - Introduction to RFID Security

Practice for certification success with the Skillset library of over 100,000 practice test questions . We analyze your responses and can determine when you are ready to sit for the test.

1. Introduction

Radio Frequency Identification, also known as RFID, is a technology that was created by Léon Theremin in1945 and later patented by Mario Cardullo in 1973. It was first developed by Léon Theremin...

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Website: http://resources.infosecinstitute.com

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Introduction to RFID Middleware | RFID4U

RFID Middleware is a radio- frequency identification (RFID) software, that sits between the readers and the enterprise/business applications.�The middleware has several functions and plays a major role in RFID system operation and management. The middleware not only manages RFID readers and printers and communicates between these devices and your business applications but also manages, filters,...

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Website: http://rfid4u.com

S'pore debuts low-cost RFID reader | ZDNet

S'pore debuts low-cost RFID reader

Country's Institute of Microelectronics unveils silicon chip that it says will reduce cost and size of UHF RFID readers.


SINGAPORE--The Institute of Microelectronics (IME), a member organization under the country's Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR), has developed a silicon chip that it says can help slash the price and size of RFID (radio...

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Date: 2017-12-10 02:59:14
Website: http://www.zdnet.com

Priority 1 Design, custom electronics design and ...

We take your schematic diagrams from sketch to finished PCB layout,

ready for production. Our PCB designs incorporate standard through hole

and surface mount components and multilayer PCB design.

Hardware and Software Design.

Through the use of the latest technologies our designers can create a

product to your specifications. Our custom designed products feature

analog, digital, and microprocessor circuit designs.

Prototype or Productions Run.

We can�provide you with a single prototype product as required, or follow

this up with a low, medium, or high...

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Date: 2013-09-24 04:57:44
Website: http://www.priority1design.com.au

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Parallax RFID Card Reader (Serial) - RobotShop

The Parallax RFID Card Reader (Serial) designed in cooperation with Grand Idea Studio. The�Parallax Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Reader Module is the first low-cost solution to read passive RFID transponder tags. The RFID Reader Module can be used in a wide variety of hobbyist and commercial...

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Website: http://www.robotshop.com

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GeoVision Inc. GV-RU9003 UHF RFID Reader

GV-RU9003 UHF RFID Reader

GV-RU9003 is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader of ISO 18000-6C (EPC GEN2) standard. Designed for parking lot management, the reader can read RFID tag within 10 m (32.8...

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Website: http://www.geovision.com.tw

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RFID Reader & Tags - Active RFID Reader | Passive RFID Reader

UHF Passive Handhelds

Portable handheld RFID and Barcode readers with a touch screen interface and Windows Mobile-based operating system. Available with multiple polarization options. Up to 10 meter read ranges. Support for EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocol and more.

UHF Passive Fixed Readers

Fixed UHF Passive readers with multiple antenna options like portal, ceiling, wall mountable. Integrates with...

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Website: https://www.assetpulse.com

RFID Reader Module | Grand Idea Studio

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Reader Module provides a low-cost solution to read passive RFID transponder tags from up to 4 inches away. The module can be used in a wide variety of hobbyist and commercial applications, including access control, user identification, robotics navigation, inventory tracking, payment systems, car immobilization, and manufacturing automation.


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Website: http://www.grandideastudio.com

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Seminar Presentation of RFID |authorSTREAM

Presentation Transcript

Slide 1: 

A Seminar Report ON RFID Submitted by Reshma S. Magar Shital M. Talekar K .T .Patil College of Computer Science (B C S III rd), Osmanabad. Dr. BAMU, Aurangabad Under the guidance of Mr. Hannure sir



Slide 3: 

3 Contents: -...

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Want to buy a RFID module in india - edaboard.com

Want to buy a RFID module in india

Hello friends

i want to buy a RFID module (low cost) what is the price in india

I Respect You

Re: Want to buy a RFID module in india

what are config. of the rfid you are looking for

21st January 2012, 02:33 #3

Re: Want to buy a RFID module in india

Lowest range

what is the lowest one ?

I Respect You


Re: Want to buy a RFID module in india

125kHz RFID Readers...

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RFID / Mobile Credit Card Reader - LJ RFID Card

Mobile Credit Swiper Card Reader For Smartphone, iPhone, Android

(Dual Track)


Product Description

This product is an innovative device of mobile POS with slim size, low cost, high security, high reliability and high compatibility. It can settle the payment transaction through swiping bank card or credit card through the smart phones, MID at anytime and...

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Website: http://www.lj-rfidcard.com

Which RFID Frequency is Right for Your Application?

Which RFID Frequency is Right for Your Application?

October 29, 2012

By Shain Armstrong 31 Comments

LF, HF, and UHF

Similar to how a radio must be tuned to different frequencies to hear different channels, RFID tags and readers have to be tuned to the same frequency in order to communicate. There are several different frequencies an RFID system can use.  Generally, the most common are


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Website: blog.atlasrfidstore.com

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RFID chip in solar modules: efficient tagging and ...

RFID chip in solar modules: efficient tagging and performance tracking?

In the military, every officer and soldier is numbered, and so are usually properly itemized goods in warehouses�or�animals in farms. Numbering individual people, things and livestock is a means to improve its organization and�management, and this is the idea behind�an�RFID chip in a solar module.

In most countries...

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Website: http://sinovoltaics.com

Different Types of RFID Systems | Impinj


Now that you know how RFID systems work, it's time to go deeper into the different types of systems available. RFID systems can be broken down by the frequency band within which they operate: low frequency, high frequency, and ultra-high frequency.

There are also two broad categories of systems--passive and active RFID. In the sections below we will explore the...

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Website: impinj.com

Different Types of RFID Systems | Impinj


Now that you know how RFID systems work, it's time to go deeper into the different types of systems available. RFID systems can be broken down by the frequency band within which they operate: low frequency, high frequency, and ultra-high frequency.

There are also two broad categories of systems--passive and active RFID. In the sections below we will explore the...

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Website: impinj.com

RFID Project Ideas For Engineers | Full Circuits With ...


Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer information from a tag to RFID reader for identification purposes. The tags do not require battery power. They derive power from the electromagnetic field generated from the reader. Some tags are also available which have their own power source. When it comes to RFID project...

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Website: http://electronicsforu.com

Handheld RFID Microchip Scanner for Animal Tracking ...

� -134.2kHz Handheld RFID Reader for Animal Tracking

This series of low frequency RFID Readers for Animal Tracking provide a low cost easy-to-use...

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Website: http://cybortra.com

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What is RFID | Radio Frequency Identification ...

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification technology is very effective for tracking and stock management relying on simple tags and devices to track and locate items.

RFID Tutorial Includes:

RFID basics � � Coupling techniques � � Tags & smart labels � � Readers, writers & printers � � RFID antennas � � Frequency bands & spectrum � � Security � � Standards � �


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Website: https://www.electronics-notes.com

RFID Applications: Determining the Total Cost of Ownership ...

RFID Applications: Determining the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

How to Determine the Total Cost of an RFID Application

Determining the cost of deploying and maintaining a radio frequency identification (RFID) application is not a trivial matter, as the magnitude of your investment will depend on several factors that may or may not influence the cost of other components within the system.


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Date: 2017-03-04 01:42:14
Website: http://store.abr.com

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Murata Develops a Small and Cost Effective RFID UHF Reader ...

Murata Develops a Small and Cost Effective RFID UHF Reader/Writer Module.

Murata Develops a Small and Cost Effective RFID UHF Reader/Writer Module.


President/ Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed an RFID (*1) reader/writer module to be used with today's UHF (*2) band of RFID tags. With its small size, it solves many of...

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Website: murata.com

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