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UHF 868/915 MHz Wood Tracking RFID Nail Tag



The Gen 2 UHF wood tracking RFID tag works on the 868 MHz to 915 MHz frequency. These tags have long read range up to 26 feet (8 meters) and a high operating temperature. They are waterproof with...

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Flexible UHF Gen 2 Mount-On-Metal RFID Tag

GAO RFID Inc. is offering its flexible UHF Gen 2 mount-on-metal RFID tag which is ideal for both indoor conditions and for basic outdoor use. It is appropriate for multiple applications such as asset tracking and supply chain applications and is especially useful for tagging cylindrical metal objects.

The on metal Gen 2 RFID tag, model 116046, operates over the frequency range of 902 to 928 MHz...

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RFID Background - Vizinex RFID

RFID Background

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is an automated data capture technology that identifies labeled or tagged objects wirelessly. The system consists of an RFID tag and an RFID tag reader that relays the information on the tag, in digital form, to a computer system.

Unlike bar-code labels, which can only function if the bar-code is oriented towards the scanner and...

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UHF RFID standards | UHF RFID frequencies


UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID Standards and Frequencies

In the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) band, where RFID tags work according to the principles of the electromagnetic coupling, the most popular technology at the moment is the one based on the ISO 18000-6C protocol, best known as EPC Class 1 Gen 2 or for short Gen 2. The EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standard was proposed by the...

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::RapidRadio Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad::

RFID Contactless Cards & Tags


This Product group has all the RFID Cards & Tag details in all related technologies like HF, UHF & Active. 



Item Code: RRHFT01

RRHFT01 is HF Tag working on 13.56 MHz frequency. They are...

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Date: 2016-02-22 04:19:06
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RFID Readers, RFID Reader Manufacturer - D.O RFID Group

RFID handheld reader

D.O RFID Group

D.O RFID Group is a Hi-tech enterprise which specializes in RFID and IoT industry. We focus on the research, development, design, and production of smart cards, RFID Wristbands, RFID Labels and Tags.

Since 2003, our products have been exported to over 80 countries in Europe, North/South America, Australia, Middle East, Russia and Asia, widely used in...

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passive RFID tag - Nexess - nexess-solutions.com

Passive, Active and Semi-Passive : which RFID technology for my application ?

To choose the right RFID tag you will use for your application, let's first have a look�of the technologies available on the market :

The passive RFID tag : as its name suggests, this RFID tag is purely passive, meaning�it does not include a battery. The passive tag uses the wave (magnetic or electromagnetic) from...

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NFC UHF Dual frequency EM4423 RFID hf rfid tags label ...

As a leading RFID company, we are known for our large selection of RFID hardware such as RFID Tags, RFID Card, RFID Inlay, RFID Wristband, RFID key fobs and RFID Readers that cover a large range of frequencies including Active 2.45 GHz, Gen 2 UHF 865-868 MHz, 902-928 MHz, High Frequency 13.56 MHz, and Low Frequency 125 KHz/134 KH--all designed with the leading edge in mind to offer amazing...

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RFID Requirements - Compliance Guides - easysoftcorp.com

To Do

RFID is in-addition-to BARCODING

If you dissect an RFID tag you will find an inlay on the adhesive side of the label. The inlay contains an RFID chip that is integrated with a thin-film squiggly antenna. The antenna is fairly large while the RFID chip in the center checks-in at about 1 mm by 1 mm square. Any printer can apply print to a label surface, but to print the label surface AND...

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RFID - Radio Frequency Identification Tags....!


Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) has existed in some form or another for over 40 years. It is a method of automatically identifying a given object/person by storing and remotely retrieving information from small transponders, called RFID tags. These tags have an antenna built into them, which allows for the transmission and reception of radio waves from an RFID...

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Date: 2011-11-15 20:48:59
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PASSIVE RFID TAGS PowerPoint PPT Presentations - PowerShow.com

Featured Presentations

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Reusable (can be re-assigned) Zero production costs (purchased ready-to-use from vendor) ... Red applications not able to use WLANs. Green can use either WLAN ...

| PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to download

ID Tech Solutions is a prominent RFID Tags manufacturer and supplier located in New Delhi, INDIA�. We are recognized for our top quality and...

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RFID Software | Sensor Control | Access Tracking

You are here: Home > RFID > RFID Software

RFID Software

Radio Frequency Identification technology, commonly referred to as RFID, uses electromagnetic fields for the purposes of identifying and tracking objects. More recently, the technology has moved into mainstream applications that speed up the handling of manufactured goods and materials by attaching RFID tags to them. RFID technology has been...

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RFID Technology and Architecture | Tutorial-Reports.com

RFID Technology and Architecture

Submitted by gc on Fri, 02/01/2013 - 01:33

Before RFID can be understood completely, it is essential to understand how Radio Frequency communication occurs.

RF (Radio Frequency) communication occurs by the transference of data over electromagnetic waves. By generating a specific electromagnetic wave at the source, its effect can be noticed at the receiver far from...

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Date: 2017-12-09 23:35:30
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ePanorama.net - Links

SmartCard Edit/Read/Write Software - for almost any kind of smartcard    Rate this link

Smartcard articles

Java Card Security - How Smart Cards and Java Mix    Rate this link

RFID tags connect smart cars to smart highways - small RF identification (RFID) tags are part of the critical communication link between automobiles and electronically directed "smart" highways and there are also...

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Low-Cost Solution for RFID Tags in Terms of Design and ...

Low-Cost Solution for RFID Tags in Terms of Design and Manufacture

Chi-Fang Huang1

[1] Institute of Communication Engineering, Tatung University, Taiwan

1. Introduction

Even invented and applied initially during the World War II, RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technologies [ 1 ] have attracted much attention recently. Precisely speaking, RFID technologies have been applied very widely in...

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RFID tags for hand tools - RFID tags - VeryFields

Fit 210


Optimized for metal substrates, the Fit 210 tags have a very narrow profile which make them a perfect fit for wrenches and ratchets since they can be attached without making the hold uncomfortable. Despite the very thin profile -- 1.3 mm -- the Fit 210 have a durable encasement that withstands high temperature and harsh conditions typical of industrial environments. Featuring a�wide bandwidth which prevents possible detuning due to embedding in other materials, these UHF RFID tags are well...

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Types of RFID - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Partners and Donors

3.��� Types of RFID

The single acronym RFID is used to describe a variety of radio technologies, optimized for different types of applications. �The key distinctions are in the radio frequency band employed for communications, the means by which the RFID tag is powered, and the conventions used for communicating between the tag and the reader.

Electromagnetic waves are...

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RFID Systems - barcode solutions

Is RFID new?

RFID is a proven technology that's been around since at least the 1970s. Up to now, it's been too expensive and too limited to be practical for many commercial applications. But if tags can be made cheaply enough, they can solve many of the problems associated with bar codes. Radio waves travel through most non-metallic materials, so they can...

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Which RFID Frequency is Right for Your Application?

Which RFID Frequency is Right for Your Application?

October 29, 2012

By Shain Armstrong 31 Comments

LF, HF, and UHF

Similar to how a radio must be tuned to different frequencies to hear different channels, RFID tags and readers have to be tuned to the same frequency in order to communicate. There are several different frequencies an RFID system can use.  Generally, the most common are


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Which RFID Frequency is Right for Your Application?

Which RFID Frequency is Right for Your Application?

October 29, 2012

By Shain Armstrong 37 Comments

LF, HF, and UHF

Similar to how a radio must be tuned to different frequencies to hear different channels, RFID tags and readers have to be tuned to the same frequency in order to communicate. There are several different frequencies an RFID system can use.  Generally, the most common are


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RFID - Radio Frequency Identification and How it Works ...

RFID 101

RFID 101 james 2016-11-03T20:20:01+00:00

Let RFID, Inc. get you up to speed on the basics of�RFID - Radio Frequency Identification.

RFID Components and ABCs.

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification is a small chip, or RFID tag, attached to some object that can be read at short range via radio waves by a tag reader. These items can be close together or far apart and are used for...

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RFID Regulations | RFID4U

Compliances for frequency hopping for conventional and digitally modulated intentional radiators

Maximum peak conducted output power of intentional radiators

Limits of exposure to radio frequency energy levels

Incorporation of intelligence within a frequency hopping spread spectrum

Hybrid systems

Power spectral density of digitally modulated systems

Limits on RF power emitted outside the...

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Rfid India Issues And Challenges Information Technology Essay

Rfid India Issues And Challenges Information Technology Essay


Last Edited:

23rd March, 2015

This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

RFID, or Radio frequency identification, is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify objects and collect data. The use of RFID dates...

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Date: 1970-01-01 00:00:00
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PPT - RFID in the Supply Chain PowerPoint Presentation ...

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RFID in the Supply Chain PowerPoint Presentation

RFID in the Supply Chain

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RFID Gen 2 - What is it? - Smart RFID! - SkyRFID Inc.

RFID Gen 2 - What is it? - Smart RFID!

The following page is a White Paper RFID on the current RFID World and what it means.

In order to understand what�Gen 2 is we first have to look at what EPC and EPCglobal means.

EPC is the new Electronic Product Code that replaces the older UPC (Universal Product Code) found on many�item labels and is a�set of numbers�plus a bar code.� Since�UPC...

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What is RFID? ( Radio Frequency Identification)| RFID ...

What is RFID?


Radio Frequency (RF) technology has been around since WWII, when the Allied Forces first used it to identify friendly aircraft. Today this technology is used for mobile phones, toll tags, fuel pump key fobs, animal tracking both wild and domestic as well as many other applications.

We will discuss the use of RF in automatic identification systems, the most rapidly growing...

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Tag Reader | BeNext B.V.

Place the Tag Reader close to the main exit of your office or home to enjoy it's full potential.

With the Tag Reader you can activate or de-activate your security by simply passing the RFID Tag in front of the reader. It is called a Tag Reader because it uses RFID Tags to identify people and their personal preferences around leaving the house or coming home.

Separately from working with RFID Tags, the Tag Reader also has a numerical keypad. Within the free of charge online manager you can configure a numerical code. This way you prevent being locked out of the system in case you may have lost the RFID Tag.

By using the Tag Reader intelligently...

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Ultra High Frequency RFID Reader Four-Channel Reader

Ultra High Frequency RFID Reader Four-Channel Reader

Four-Channel Ultra High Frequency RFID Reader is a high-performance UHF RFID read/write device, support ISO 18000-6C/6B two kinds of protocol, working frequency: 920 MHz 925 MHz/840 MHz 845 MHz, FCC: 902 MHz 928 MHz, ETSI: 865 MHz 868 MHz, JP: 916 MHz 920 MHz, output power support 0 dBm-33 dBm, long reading distance, high speed, multi-tag recognition capability,�anti-interference ability, protective performance, easy to install and use.


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Mid-Range RFID | EPC Class 1 Gen 2 - skyrfid.com

EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID Regulations

The EPC standard requires that the system operates from 860 MHz - 960 MHz frequency range. However there are a number of Organizations and Governing bodies that regulate the frequency and transmission power in the different countries. As such no country can legally operate over the entire band and have usually assigned a sub-set of this band for use in their...

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EPCglobal – Understand RFID Standards

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) (860 - 960 MHz) air interface standards

UHF RFID is probably the most noticed RFID at this time.� While there have been more HF tags issued, the high profile nature of UHF has meant that many more people are aware of UHF RFID.

In the world of RFID, UHF is the newcomer to the fold. HF and LF tags were is use in many places when UHF started to become available. The...

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Website: http://www.understandrfidstandards.com

Unitech RP901 Wireless Bluetooth UHF / RFID Pocket Reader

The Unitech RP901 is a compact, light-weight and pocket-sized UHF RFID reader. It is designed and engineered specifically to suit the UHF reading market and application requirements of mobile workers.


Pair the RP901 with your iOS, Android or Windows mobile device via the Bluetooth connection and easily extend your mobile data collection with this UHF RFID reader.

RFID technology


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Passive Moisture Sensors - How Do Passive RFID Sensors ...

Passive Moisture Sensors are opening a new frontier of environmental sensing where traditional sensing technology cannot go. �See how passive RFID sensors detect and log moisture data.

Passive Moisture Sensors

Continuing with our series of articles around Passive Sensors , in this article we�take a look at one of the most popular types�of passive sensor, passive moisture sensors.


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Stick Reader EVO UHF - en.idtronic-rfid.com

Stick Reader EVO UHF is a compact RFID reader and writer with software programmalbe power output. It uses a USB interface for data transfer and power supply. RFID Stick...

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RFID Consultant | RFID Consulting

RFID Consulting Services

SkyRFID is a is a leading provider of RFID hardware, solutions and technical consulting that is located in and near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

SkyRFID provides RFID technical consulting services on-site, via web and via telephone for simple or fully detailed RFID consulting assignments.

Consulting services includes privacy consulting, new product designs for readers and...

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Website: http://www.skyrfid.com

DeskID UHF USB Reader/Writer - metraTec

The DeskID UHF is a compact and well-priced RFID reader/writer working at 868 MHz (UHF RFID, EU). Its main use is to read and write data to EPC Gen 2 transponders directly from your PC or laptop. Thus, the device is a handy tool for all UHF applications for testing tags, writing an EPC or just debug your UHF gate.

The slim, well designed housing fits on every...

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Website: http://www.metratec.com

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Thinnest UHF Tag for Use on Metal and on Other Difficult ...

Thinnest UHF Tag for Use on Metal and on Other Dif

Thinnest UHF Tag for Use on Metal and on Other Difficult Surfaces

Would you like to ensure the successful launch of your RFID implementation? With On Metal Tag, SMARTRAC's new, on-anything tag, it's easy. On Metal Tag works on any surface, and performance variation has been minimized using an innovative structure that makes On Metal Tag the...

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Date: 2018-01-12 08:04:07
Website: https://www.smartrac-group.com

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RFID Reader - Mojix STARflex™- Unmatched RFID Performance

RFID reader provides high performance inventory tracking and analytics for retail, ambulatory healthcare and other complex environments

The STARflex[TM] RFID reader combines the unmatched performance and location capabilities of the STAR receiver architecture with a highly flexible new interface design optimized for cost effective, easy-to-deploy solutions for enclosed environments such as...

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RFID Readers and Tags for any specialty application - RFID ...

Whats the difference between 125KHz and 148KHz? Click here for an explanation.

Some of Our Satisfied Customers

Why RFID, Inc.? Ask those who have already worked with us:

"I can't thank you enough for your support with this project (LF Tags surviving 400F processes). I truly appreciate all your help."

David Foley, Ingersol Rand

"Your system we are using is operating quite flawlessly and has been since the last...

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Website: http://rfidinc.com

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Types of RFID - Control Electric Company

RFID products are then broken up into different frequencies. Tags and Antennas are tuned or matched much the same way as a radio is tuned to a frequency to receive different channels. These frequencies are grouped into Four basic ranges: Low Frequency, High Frequency, Very High Frequency and Ultra-High Frequencies.

Each frequency range has its advantages and disadvantages. Europe use 868 MHz. for...

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Date: 2008-03-06 17:41:34
Website: http://www.controlelectric.com

Convergence Systems CS101 Handheld UHF RFID and Barcode ...

The CS101 is a UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 handheld RFID reader with industry leading read range and read rate performance to enable ultra fast inventory of cases on pallets, warehouse shelves, moving vehicles, and other tagged items in business processes where fixed reader class performance is required in a portable device.

The package contents include:

One CS101 handheld RFID reader

Two high capacity...

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Website: http://store.immediasys.com

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Intel® RFID Sensor Platform (Intel® RSP) | IoT | Intel ...

Intel® RFID Sensor Platform (Intel® RSP)

Introducing our third-generation RFID sensor platform.

Overview | Use Cases | Customize | Hardware | Specifications | Documentation


Deploy affordable, easy-to-install, fixed sensors for any industry that uses RFID to collect accurate information in near-real time.


Containers to manage, aggregate, and filter data

Easy installation,...

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Date: 2019-04-10 23:43:53
Website: https://software.intel.com

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