Personalized Royce Leather RFID Blocking Neat Pockets

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Video transcript: Softly constructed in regal purple or bold wild berry pink leather this Royce RFID Radio Frequency Identification blocking slim city wallet is relaxed and refined and makes the ideal companion for travel and everyday use.

It has two zippered compartments, once to keep your change with a detachable key fob and once to keep your currency as well as three credit, business card pockets.

With the abundance of RFID...

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From: Brookstone Inc.

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RFIDs Radio Frequency Identification Chips and Information

Clips of Videos showing information about RFID Chips (Radio Frequency Identification). Used in a presentation at a meeting for discussion on where RFID's are showing up in Credit Cards, Healthcare, Schools and more. How can RFID's be used in the future to record and control information about people. Be aware and informed.

More info on Tea Party Channel -

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From: Brenda Follis-Lengyel

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KMOV St Louis showing RFID credit card cloning

This is the first interview where the ability to re-encode contactless rfid credit card data onto a magnetic stripe and use it at a store.

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From: Id Stronghold

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Moseeg™ RFID Sleeves for Credit Cards & Passports Review

I hope you enjoy it.

I would highly recommend this product on:

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From: Lontosun

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Hackers can steal your Credit Card information

Mike Holfeld with Local6, special report on how easy it is for criminals to steal your credit & debit card information just by walking past you in a crowd - learn how to protect yourself.

Hackers equipped with scanners can steal your credit card information stored in the RFID chip embedded on your card.

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From: ARMORBLOKK Company

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Lifeventure RFiD Wallet

The Lifeventure RFiD Wallet is smart and spacious. Ideal for travel, it features 2 full-sized note pockets, 2 zipped coin pockets, 4 stash pockets and 6 card pockets. RFiD protection reduces the risk of identity theft and prevents unauthorised scanning of contactless credit cards and debit cards (card skimming).

Discover the full range of RFiD wallets and wearables at

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From: Lifeventure

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RFID chip enabled credit card DEACTIVATION in Canada- HOW TO prevent identity theft

Most merchants require chip enabled credit cards (CC) in Canada now. To protect your information from being stolen and used for fraudulent activity simply deactivate it yourself. When paying, another option of either swiping or a manual transaction can be used. Also by leaving your CC unsigned on the back, along with having a hole in the chip, staff are forced to ID the customer. This is more secure.

(update may 2013- i lost my credit card and luckily nobody could "tap" my card on "paypass"...

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From: imacku

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Security Credit Card Wallet

Security Credit Card Wallet, Protects your identity,

Blocks RFID scanning of your credit cards by Thieves Opens to a 6-8 pocket to hold credit cards,ID, Cash & more

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From: SUPER ID CARDS super . cards

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SignalGuard - Credit/Debit Card Protector

With the latest contactless technology (Visa payWave/MasterCard PayPass), we are now all at risk from crowdhacking. It's as simple as someone walking past you and without knowing, they can wirelessly steal your credit/debit card data.

Anyone with the right smartphone app can steal your credit/debit card data. With more advanced equipment such as an RFID scanner, thieves can steal your credit/debit card data within a 5 meter range.

SignalGuard will help protect your credit/debit cards from...

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From: Signal Guard

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Paper rfid blocking sleeves

paper rfid blocking sleeves:

RFID blocking sleeves with custom design printed,

It can protect your credit card /debit card/passport safe from nearby Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanners.

Choose ZDCARD,choose high quality!

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From: ZDCARD Tech

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